Welcome to A Young Buck Adventures

This is about the every day. Things with motors, fishing, wedding planning and everything in between. My fiancΓ© and I love to travel with our pups and we can’t wait to see what’s next to come in this life and to share with you.


The lake a rod in hand and my girl

Here’s the River I call home, all the fish in the sea and I can’t catch any. Hear my struggle for reeling them in and how much luck my girlfriend gets every time we hit the water

The South’s

My FiancΓ©

This is my fiancΓ©. Kassandra is like no one else. She chases my dreams with me and tells me all her secrets and stories. She is the perfect soul to my beaten heart and I couldn’t imagine a better partner.

Puppy Love

Snow Dogz

Meet Ford and Grace. You will hear lots about these wild animals. They are little adventures there selves but no water…. solid ground only.

About Us

You will have to read along to find out

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